Author Topic: Paypal - The system is not working at the moment. Try again later  (Read 422 times)


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Hello, for some time, my customers who want to take a subscription with Paypal have the error message "The system is not working at the moment. Try again later". Can you help me ?


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Re: Paypal - The system is not working at the moment. Try again later
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2019, 11:02:02 PM »
This error isn't a problem with the Etano script's PayPal module as this is common issue that can occur no matter what script your using and typically occurs because PayPal made some changes to your account which could be a variety of reasons, a couple of the more common causes are:

1.) You have entered your PayPal email address or PayPal Identity Token incorrectly. Please confirm your PayPal email address and PayPal Identity Token are entered correctly within Downloads => Settings => Payment Gateways => PayPal Standard.


2.) Your customers may also see this if Encrypted Website Payments is set to "ON". Setting it to "OFF" will often resolve the issue. This setting can be adjusted from within your PayPal account by navigating to Profile => Profile and Settings => Selling Preferences => (Website Payment Preferences/Website Preferences) and selecting "OFF" under Encrypted Website Payments

Also refer to the online documentation regarding configuring your site with PayPal:

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