Author Topic: Not receiving Cron Job notification to our mail from cpanel  (Read 1762 times)


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Not receiving Cron Job notification to our mail from cpanel
« on: September 13, 2018, 08:47:18 AM »
We use to receive notifications once a cron job triggered in cpanel - But for the past 25 days we are not receiving cron job notifications - when we contact the host they said - they have no blocks in their side and they are asking to check the cron commands if required - Also they said they tested by creating new cron as testing process and ofcourse i say this command in cron jobs too. i said same cron commands was running well for more than one year... Now how the problem raises.

They given the soulution as - pls contact the script side - your script has errors. 

I have not modified any thing.

I am providing the below commands which i am using -

1.    php -f /home2/username/public_html/sitename/folder/tools/cron/cron.php   This was working well

After the issue i added additional two below commands

2.   /usr/bin/php -f /home2/username/public_html/sitename/folder/tools/cron/cron.php

3.   php /home2/username/public_html/sitename/folder/tools/cron/cron.php

I am unable to decide which is the right cron command - Though lot of cron related documents and threads are available in this forum.

Because i installed etano in a DIRECTORY FOLDER - not in public_html   (public_html/directory)

What is my current situation with etano

I installed etano in 5 sites as free service but all are having trouble now . what shall i do now?

a) i am not receiving notification mails when a user register or cancel his accounts
b) Not sure whether cron job is running or not
c) I am using KHDEV VIBEX Template (it is closed for support now) - So should i remove the template- Whether these errors are due to that template.
d) Should i check every php files for any errors.

Suggestion Appreciated.