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Cookie notice mod
« on: May 22, 2018, 11:59:11 PM »
Does Etano require an EU cookie notice mod?
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Re: Cookie notice mod
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2018, 08:20:01 AM »
What type of a mod? One that creates an obtrusive or annoying popup where visitors consent to cookies?

Popups where visitors have to consent to cookies was the original preference for EU cookie law compliance, but later it was realized this was creating an annoyance having popups on sites all over the web, thus have changed their policies a bit when it comes to sites that only use "session" cookies for performing necessary and essential functions such as accessing secure areas of the website and keeping a user logged in while navigating and using features in secure areas, or cookies used for adding and remembering items in shopping carts, or cookies used for providing basic traffic data, these types of session cookies won’t require the user’s consent.

If you're just using session cookies for the purpose of performing necessary and essential functions (which is just what the Etano cookies do by default), then all you should need to do in order to be be compliant is provide a simple link (such as in a menu) that takes the visitor to a page explaining your use of cookies. This could be separate page or even be part of your privacy policy, just make the link so it says Privacy/Cookie Policy. No special or fancy mod is need for this, if you're in the EU or targeting EU visitors you just need to create a link and a page regarding your cookie policy.

Cookies that do require consent are those that track a visitors behavior for marketing purposes, which may include other sites they visit or what they have viewed on the Internet, or allow 3rd party cookies. Basically tracking your behavior so they can target you with ads based on your habits and interests. We're all too familiar with this, for example you do a Google search for products then you login to Facebook and you see ads for products you've previously looked at and wonder how in the hell does Facebook know that I was searching and looking at these products, which can be seen as a privacy issue or even a form of spam and is often disturbing to some people. I think this is what the EU cookie law is really trying to address, they just didn't understand cookies well enough and initially created a blanket law for all types of cookies, which was just plain stupid and wrong.

For those living in the EU and targeting EU visitors and decide to add javascript snippets that produces 3rd party cookies for advertising services, such as Google Adsense will require having a visitor cookie consent notification.

There's a variety of scripts and tutorials available, it's a matter of choosing one that best suits your needs and keeps you compliant, which however isn't going to be a simple task as none of the EU countries and organizations (including Google) can agree on exactly what's needed to make your site compliant.

The following sites are recommended by the EU commission and Google which provides a variety of solutions, but since they don't know for sure which solution will be compliant they can't guarantee any solution will make your site compliant. It's a real mess and in the near future the EU cookie laws plans on revising the law and possibly reducing it to something simpler that everyone can agree on.

Until they get their act together and come up with a clear cut viable solution that makes sense, there's no point in creating a mod for this as I wouldn't know which route or solution to go with, it seems each site could require a different solution depending on what type of data is collected. The bottom line is, if they don't know for sure, how am I supposed to know.

Here's one example ... if you're in the EU and using Google Adsense, Google demands that you have a cookie consent form or they will close your account. But here's the caveat, Google Adsense creates a cookie on the user's device as soon as they land on the page, regardless if they consent to the cookies or not, which actually violates the EU cookie laws, your site may be ok and compliant as far as Google is concerned, but may not be compliant with the EU commission.

Unless I was making lots of $$$ every month with Google Adsense I'd be removing it from my site faster than you can shake a stick. Unless you're getting millions of visitors every month you're likely making peanuts from Adsense anyway.

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