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GRDP -data protection question
« on: April 01, 2018, 03:57:07 AM »
I wondered if it is possible to make the Etano app GRDP compatible?
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Re: GRDP -data protection question
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2018, 09:38:32 AM »

First you need to understand that's it's not so much about whether or not the Etano script is GRDP compatible, it has more to do with having policies in place that are GRDP compliant in regards to gathering and managing personal data.

It has mostly to do with the type of personal data you're gathering and how sensitive of identifiable personal info you're requesting (such as their real name, address, phone#, etc.)  and what's your intended use of the data is. Most dating sites allow you remain anonymous where you're not required to provide sensitive personal info such as your real name, address, phone#, etc. which will also keep your site more GRDP compliant.

It needs to be clearly stated in your site's "privacy policy" and/or "terms of use" as to what they are consenting to when it comes providing personal info, and to the usage of their personal data. Such as if you plan to use it for marketing or advertising purposes, directly or indirectly by passing their info on to any 3rd parties. Sharing personal data with marketers is one of the concerns with the GRDP policies.

Every business model is different and what the Etano script is going to be used for. The script provides a very standard and basic "privacy policy" and "terms of use" statement, it's is up to you to edit or write it yourself so it's GRDP compliant depending on what you're doing, and to make it clear that they are consenting to sharing their data and photos with other members. There are plenty of examples of GRDP privacy polices out there that you can use for comparisons that will suit your intentions.

One of the main concerns GRDP has when it comes to social media or social networking sites, is the right or ability for a user to request having all of their data removed from a site, which is often difficult with many of the top social media sites. With the Etano script the user has the ability to easily CANCEL their account in their settings which will remove all of their data and photos from the system, which is a big plus in being GRDP compliant.

As for protecting or securing data, the Etano script can only try to cover basic vulnerabilities. Hardcore or primary security needs to be provided at the server level where your host has decent security measures in place to help prevent the server and your site from being hacked or compromised, or alternately you can source out and pay to have extra security implemented. The bottom line is, you can't expect Etano or any other CMS script to totally secure your data. It's also recommended to use 3rd party payment gateways, such as PayPal who bare the responsibility for storing and securing any sensitive personal data such as credit card or bank info.

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