Author Topic: How to access a particular profile field in the etano database of user profiles.  (Read 463 times)


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In the sense of improving the presence of users we may need to send messages to such users. Majority of people are not reading emails and SMS system works well to draw their attention about their profile or about the site.

I would like to take phone numbers of users who failed upload the photos in their profile. So that i can remind them to upload photos through sms, or remind them to complete a task.

 When i try gather mobile number from db, it show the number of all users.  its possible to get the mobile number of non-photo profiles one by one, but its a time consuming task. So is there any query code to search in sql to get mobile numbers of non photo profiles.

if some one found the way, please let me.


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It would be difficult to create a search query to produce the results that you want because there's technically no value entry for non-photos, they only appear as blank entries.

What you can do is sort them so the results you want will appear at the top of the page.

This will assume that you have created a special profile field for mobile numbers (such as f15 shown in the example query).

Click the SQL tab at the top and then enter the following query:

FROM  `dsb_user_profiles`
ORDER BY `_photo` ASC, `f15` DESC

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