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Version 2.40 Released


Version 2.40 is now available and can be downloaded from the Etano Project Repository at Google Drive:

For those using version 2.30 and want to manually apply the updates, there's also a package available in the Etano Project Repository at Google Drive that includes detailed instructions. The file to download is

Unzip the upgrade instructions package on your PC and go the "upgrade_instructions" folder and simply click the index.html file and it will launch the instructions in your browser.

- Inbox purge fix.
- Confirm password at registration plus auto subscription fix.
- Display total members found in search results.
- Minor fix for edit icon in payment history.
- Search members having a birthday.
- Display Number of Private Photos.
- Minor Link Tweak.
- PHPMailer Update.
- Default Template Update.

Version 2.30 can still be downloaded from the archives at:


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