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Version 2.20 Released
« on: December 28, 2015, 12:48:00 PM »
Version 2.20 is now available and can be downloaded from the Etano Project Repository at Google Drive:

For those using version 2.10 and want to manually apply the updates, there's also a package available in the Etano Project Repository at Google Drive that includes detailed instructions. The file to download is

Unzip the upgrade instructions package on your PC and go the "upgrade_instructions" folder and simply click the index.html file and it will launch the instructions.


Separation between public and private photos :
Those who are connected as friends can view each others private photos, and both types of photos were included and viewed together in the same gallery. This modification creates a clear separation between them, now when members are connected as friends the private and public photos are no longer included or viewed together in the same gallery.

Google reCaptcha for contact form :
If you decide to use to the "Google reCaptcha" option, this modification will also include the contact form.

Profile Field Info :
This modification simply adds the following text info to the profile fields section in the admin.
The user account is created when page one is submitted, therefore any "required" profile fields must be included on page one. Profile fields added to additional pages is for convenience purposes only and the user is technically not required or forced to complete any fields that have been added to additional pages, regardless if they are marked as required or mandatory fields.

Delete Site News Fix :
Sometimes when you have only one single site news item you are unable to delete it. This modification should remedy the issue.

Version 2.10 can still be downloaded from the archives at:

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