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Author Topic: Upcoming Content - Bootstrap Coming! (updated - 05/04/2016)  (Read 3324 times)


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Excellant  :D  Now it works well and correct. As said, Those folders are skipped without our knowledge. This is because we unzipped the file to our drive and then uploaded those required DEF folder through FTP. 

But if that DEF folder inside the vibex is zipped (again / separate )  and it will be comfortable for us to upload through ftp as a zipped file and then it will be easy to unzip inside the site. But an additional readme instruction is must for Non-Geeks like me.

Anyway thanks for your efforts.

Thanks to MR. KHDev and Mr. Maverick

No problem, and i'll take into consideration about zipping the def folder and additional read me file for easier uploading.