Author Topic: PayPal Info - For Dating and Adult Websites  (Read 3073 times)


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PayPal Info - For Dating and Adult Websites
« on: January 20, 2015, 09:49:50 AM »
I thought i would just share this information so that those of you who choose to accept PayPal as a payment method know where you stand. While PayPal does not review each website associated with an account, if your site gets reported you may find your funds frozen and no payment method for your users.

Under PayPals Acceptable Use Policy

Online Dating Services - Require Pre-Approval

Want to get Pre-Approved? or Check if your site will ok?
Send contact information, business website URL and brief business summary to

Adult Sites - If you allow users to upload and share adult based images.. i.e naked / explicit images.. Your site will not get approved by paypal. (even if adult images are private or friend only )