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Version 2.00 Released
« on: December 29, 2014, 09:14:50 AM »
Version 2.0 can be downloaded from the archives at:

For those using version 1.23 and want to manually apply the updates, there's also a package available in the Etano Project Repository at Google Drive that includes detailed instructions. The file to download is

Unzip the upgrade instructions package on your PC and go the "upgrade_instructions" folder and simply click the index.html file and it will launch the instructions.

- Minor Security Fix.
- Fix Member Online Status Icon Not Showing Up in the "Message Read" and "Friendship Request" pages.
- Fix Banned Members Error.
- Added "HTTPS" Protocol to BBcode.
- Header Logo Link Directs to Member's Home Page Instead of Index Page Once Logged In.
- Change Friend Request Message from saying "his" to "their" so it's not gender specific.
- Create Option in Access Levels to Make Private Photos Accessible Only to Paid Members.
- Create "paid" Access Option in Access Levels that can be manually added  to pages as a pre-defined access level.
- Remove 2 Redundant Folders (skins_profile and skins_blog).
- Add Red "X" Icon To Plan Comparision Chart.
- Template Style Changes.
- New Admin Style.
- Automated Update for Copyright Year Added to Footer.
- Comment Board Mod.

Version 1.23 can still be downloaded from the archives at:

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