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Info regarding cron job issues
« on: September 12, 2014, 09:24:57 PM »
Cron Jobs are a crucial and important element of the Etano script. Etano's Cron Jobs have been designed with a specific purpose in mind, which is to maintain a list of commands or tasks that the Etano system runs at various time intervals which helps spread the load of resources so your site runs as smooth and efficient as possible, which becomes especially important as your site grows.

Cron Job issues are by far the most common problem users have, and often the cause of certain site features not functioning properly, and is most often contributed to cron jobs not being setup or configured properly.

Some common symptoms that you're crons might not be functioning properly:
After waiting 10 or 15 minutes ...
- new members don't appear in the search results. (search cache is cleared and regenerated every 5 min)
- new members don't appear in the "Latest Members" widget.
- The stats graph in the admin doesn't work (just shows a blank icon).
- new blogs don't show up.
- new uploaded photos not showing up.
- certain email notifications not being sent out.

If you suspect your cron jobs aren't working properly, the first thing to check is to make sure they are setup and configured properly by "carefully" reading and following the Online Documentation.

If Etano was installed by Scriptalicious, Softaculous or Fantastico provided by your host, our support will be limited because these scripts often attempt to automatically setup up the cron jobs which can be done incorrectly, or may not even be fully supported by the host or hosting plan that you have, in which case you will need to request support from your host in regards to issues with your cron jobs. It's important to note that Etano/Datemill has no affiliation or partnership with Scriptalicious, Softaculous or Fantastico, they simply go around and scoop up free open source scripts and include them in their script packages which they provide to hosting companies for a fee.

Important Note: Once you get the cron jobs working properly, it won't show members that were created while the crons weren't functioning, the only way they will be released and updated on the site is by manually 'regenerating' your skin under the 'Skin Settings' in your Etano admin.

Another common reason for cron jobs not fuctioning properly:
It's also important that you seek hosting that meets the system requirements to effectively run Etano, especially that allows cron jobs to run under 15 minutes, GoDaddy and HostGator are a couple of examples that only allow cron jobs under 15 minutes on their VPS and Dedicated server plans. For example, cron jobs clear and regenerate the search cache every 5 min, if cron jobs aren't able to run every 5 min then the search results won't be updated which can cause new members not to appear in searches. Many hosts aren't up-front as to how frequently you can run cron jobs on shared hosting so you may need to do some digging in their site terms or forums, or ask them directly. Often shared hosting plans will still allow you to make cron settings of 5 minutes in cPanel, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to actually work.

Another common issue with many hosts is that they will tell you or insist that the cron jobs are running fine and the problem is with the script and to contact the developer for help. Well if you come to the forums seeking help because your host said it's an issue with the script, you're going to get nothing but responses telling you the issue isn't with the script since it works for most everyone else, and will most likely just get directed to this page.

When users have cron issues yet their host insists that the cron jobs are running fine and the issue must be with the script, most often when the user switches hosts or uses a 3rd party cron service such as, the script's cron jobs magically start to work.

Other forum topics and posts that may be helpful in resolving cron issues:

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