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Version 1.23 Released
« on: March 25, 2014, 09:12:27 AM »
Version 1.23 can still be downloaded from the archives at:


- Updated SQL database from the depreciated TYPE=MyISAM to ENGINE=MyISAM.

- Fixed issue When reading messages, move to 'TRASH' didn't work.

- Fixed issue when when searching by "Age" or "Height" range, now produces proper results.

- Fixed issue with the friends number count on the user's "Home" page so the number properly increases and decreases when adding or deleting a friend.

- Added feature which automatically sends a notification message to your inbox when a user accepts your friend request.

- Modified main index page, now easier to add additional content below the search box. A new modified description box design which is also easier to customize.

- Added "Search by Username" and "Basic Search" forms to the user's home page and the advanced search page.

- Modified/Added some text which makes it a bit more user friendly to understand how to create blogs and post topics in the user's Blog Manager.

- When the admin/system sends online messages to members a custom image was added for the ADMIN instead of using the system's default "no photo" image.

- Expanded Textarea Boxes on "Profile Edit" pages so they are Wider.

- Added site wide alerts when a user has new messages or friend requests. Small blinking icons dynamically appear in the header to alert the user when they have either new messages or friend requests, the icons disappear from the header once they have read all messages or dealt with all friend requests.

Note: Those using verison 1.22 can manually add any of these updates individually by going to:

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