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About 1.10
« on: February 05, 2008, 02:55:11 PM »
The need to release a patch urgently came from 2 issues with the script:
1. paid members were reverting to free the next day after they were upgraded. We'll keep an eye on the issue to make sure the solution holds.
2. not actually a bug but merely the lack of a feature allowed a member to keep staying logged in on the site even if their account was deleted.

The second issue had a very interesting solution (technically speaking). But because it was a pretty major feature that we had to code fast we decided to make it optional for now and enable it by default after some more testing. So if you want to enable it now you will have to set USE_DB_SESSIONS to 1 in includes/ This feature makes the user sessions be saved in database instead of disk thus making them very easy to manage and more integrated into the online/offline (presence) feature already coded in the script. Now whenever you delete a member, his/her session is also removed from database making them disconnect from the site instantly. In the next patch we are going to add a "Log off user now" feature in admin panel.

The reason we "worked like crazy" was because we had a lot of fixes and features programmed already and only of few issues remaining that we were planning on solving this week. So I decided that we should try to solve the remaining issues and postpone the remaining features. The "few issues" took us quite a lot of time but the bug tracker is again free from critical bug reports (related to the core script).

So what's included in the patch?
Apart from the fixes for the 2 issues above we fixed issues #149, #147, #146, #144, #141, #140,
the conversion of URLs in the new rich text editor problem, some problems with the backup script that made it skip a value from db every 20000 chars or so, some regulation of the score, zip code search improvements and fixes.

Some features are the 2 new access levels (flirt_reply and message_reply), the default country for searches and profile edit can be "Any", all left side parts of the pages support optionals now (meaning you could for instance show google ads to free members but not to paid members ;) ), you can now manually set a membership to last forever.