Author Topic: I lost my site  (Read 2076 times)


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I lost my site
« on: December 05, 2007, 07:39:36 PM »
I think all I did was take out the site name in frame.html and uploaded it and the mainpage was blank. So I undid my modification and then  uploaded the frame.html in its original state and still blank.

Then I noticed a skin I had called def2 worked ok, so I downloaded the files from def2 and then uploaded the files into skins_site folder, but all it did was make the homepage work and when I click on any links of the page it goes to a blank page.

Basically in a nutshell
when I go to everything works
when I go to   the links dont work

and both folders have the same files as def2

Im having a bad day  :-[

Just Shoot me:
Well somehow there was folder disorder in my skins_site folder, I fixed it now and it all appears working again.
I feel like a real idijit, I wish there was a delete button
I LOVE these forums!!! So helpful...